A practical saya for a original Japanese knife. Traditional made with magnolia wood. Perfect shaped to the knife.

A project with a story. The client had the blade made in Japan. Traditionally hagana with natural hamon.  The handle was than made in the United States. then, one year later, the blade came to me  for the finishing: The saya wad to be special. On one side a dragon and on the other side a tiger together with a poem from the Ogura hyakunin isshu. A collection of 100 poems written by 100 poets.

The saya had to be traditional but yet according to the client wishes in colour and shape. I used traditional magnolia wood to make the saya with  a koygutchi made from buffelo horn.

The paint job started with several transparent layers for the background. When this was finished the dragon and the tiger could get their rightful place on the saya.


    G. Tan, Singapor


    custom hocho saya

  • YEAR

    Saya for socho.
    Wood: magnolia
    Lacquer: deep blue with flakes of silver and gold.
    Finish: transparent lacquer.