SALE: Beautiful Shinken

A beautiful practical, 2,5 shaku, shinken is up for sale!

This shinken is made from T10 steel. It is incredible hard and has great similarities with traditional tamahagane steel. Because of this the traditional 'kesho hadori' polish gives a geniun and beautiful hamon.

This shinken comes with two custom made saya. Both saya are made from a high quality magnolia wood which has a near perfect rasin and acid level. The first saya, which is the practical saya, has a tremendious beautiful ocher with little gold leafs in its decoration. The lacquer is handmade and consist of several thin and transparent layers. The other saya, which is adviced to be used as a display saya, is as well custom made with a deep red-brown with gold leaf decoration. This lacquer consist of several very thin layers of different colours which eventually resulted in the deep red-brown.

Another beautiful accessory of this shinken is the custom made tsuba. A remake of an existing cherry blossom tsuba, but now made in solid silver. It gives, together with the silver fuchi and kashira, a beautiful contrast with the ocher colour from the saya.

This shinken, although used, is in perfect condition. It is very well balanced, very nice weight (950gram) and feels marvelous in the hands. It has been used for the practice of iaido. Due to the fact that this shinken is made from T10 steel it is very possible to use it for tameshigiri.

Further details:
lenght: 2.5 shaku
weight: 950 gram
steel: T10 steel
Koshirae: 26 cm
Tsuba: Solid Silver
Fuchi and kashira: Solid Silver

Sale price: € 1850,00


    € 1850,00/$ 2.287,00




    hand crafted practical shinken. 2,5 shaku, 950 gram, zilver tsuba, 2 custom made saya.