..."When starting, a new project is considered as a journey in which one works to see that the saya is only really finished at the moment the sword can be placed in it"...

A custom made saya (scabbard for Japanese katana) is a complementairy gift for your sword as it is for yourself. The saya is the keeper of the sword, the protector and the other half of its reason to exist. For this reason only a saya should be seen as more than just a scabbard for a sword.

A saya consist out of several components that are individually crafted and placed on the base, the saya itself. The kojiri is the end-cap of the saya. In most cases this is made from buffalo horn but can also be made from bronze, iron or zilver. The koyguchi is the mouth of the saya. Also in most cases made from buffalo horn. Than there is the kurikata, the knob on the side of the saya through which the sageo is attached to the saya.

Making a custom saya is a process where the customers wishes meet the characteristics of the sword. A saya is as important as the katana. It is with this in mind that the saya is well crafted and beautiful designed with the best materials available. The wood used, magnolia wood, has a near perfect resin and ph level and has a soft and short fiber structure which makes it ideal to shield the unprotected metal of the katana. Although the accessory parts can be well made from wood, it is complementary for the wood to use buffelo horn. Buffalo horn is a material with a tremendous natural shine when polished. The whole proces is done by hand. From designing the scabbard shape, kojiri, koyguchi and composing the lacquer.


Just amazing the craft and refinement that Alexander uses to make the saya. Very happy with this new saya. Perfect fit.

H. Mansfelt Beck
Sensei KKH, Netherlands

Wonderful work. Good quality work with very great fitting.


Saya needed repairment. Alexander showed me every step. The saya was repaired and got a beautiful new lacquer.

L. Heek
Iaidoka, Netherlands

Although my order is still in progress I can greatly recomment the skills of Iskander Studio. His expertice is sincere and he helps you out with all questions from day one. Looking forward for the day my saya is finished.